Bordertown Transportation, Inc.

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About Us

Phone: 915-849-1301

Fax: 915-849-1299


Since 1993 Bordertown Transportation Inc. has operated as a wholly owned family oriented business directly supervised by its original owner Florentino Parra.

Our Mission:
We forge long-term relationships with key customers to deliver excellent and affordable customer service. Working in concert we drive out cost, add value, and are always dedicated to exceed your transportation needs.

About our Employees:
Bordertown Transportation, Inc. employs the brightest minds in the transportation industry; thus to tackle the toughest of shipping needs. We use our deep operating knowledge to create solutions as unique as your needs. Our dedicated team of experts is there for you every step of the way-from implementation to forecasting future needs. Bordertown Transportation Inc. gets to know your company and industry, as well as you do. Together, we can meet your business goals.

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